NEW Membership System and new website, coming soon!

KO Combat Academy are working on the gym in all aspects - from revamped changing rooms to a new membership system. Not only to be ready for you when lockdown is over, but to improve your overall experience as a member of our community. 


In regards to the membership system, we will make the user experience more dynamic and seamless. Ultimately, you will have complete access to your membership profile from wherever you are - this could vary from renewing your membership to booking a private slot, ordering the new shorts, editing your details and much more. Including our new membership plans and bundles!


As we are changing the system your current membership profile has been deleted, in line with GDPR 2018 privacy policy. All your personal data, including any payment details have been deleted from our older platform. And thus we kindly ask that you complete your brand new profile as soon as you can (no payment details required). It will take a matter of minutes and be appreciated gladly. 


Please sign in below to create your new personal profile.


In regards to the near future, we will continue to grow and diversify our online service. We will have Muay Thai Kickboxing , Boxing, Strength & Conditioning, Yoga and more running throughout the week AM and PM.


If you’re unsure about being a fully active member or just enjoy our community, you can sign up to get access to our updates, store, future events and more.

Our news letters respect your privacy fully and only contains content created by KO Combat Academy, our news letter only relates to events or bank holiday opening hours. Events include Interclub and major fight events as well as seminars.
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