KO is open 7 days a week 

Mon-Fri 07:00 - 22:00 / Sat-Sun 09:00 - 16:00

Your welcome to come and train at any time between these hours. Regards to our different classes please see timetable below.

More info about classes or prices 


Intro classes are suitable for those with little or no experience.

Structured to build a firm foundation in Mixed Martial Arts e.g.

(in a controlled and supervised environment).


Basic Guard, Footwork


Strikes (Striking Boxing, Elbow, Knees, Kicks)


Transition (Take down and throws)


Ground work (NoGi, Ne Waza, Submission, Wrestling) 

Partner drill work,  execute of technics offence and defence


Developing skills, DTA  (distance, timing, accuracy)


Light controlled supervised and controlled stand up and ground work (Ne Waza)


Pad work, bag work sessions, Skipping 

Fitness, strength and conditioning, building aerobic, anaerobic fitness.

Core strength, flexibility coordination etc

Healthy lifestyle guidelines including nutrition, positive mental outlook etc.


General classes should be attended by those who have developed a firm foundation of Mixed Martial Arts 


Students who wish to progress and challenge themselves further. Training will be more intense with a higher level of difficulty, covering more advanced strategies and more complexed combinations.

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